Server Information

ClassiqueRO is a free server that focuses on a classic Pre-Renewal play style. With our increased experience rates (mid-rates), you're able to level up your characters much faster. However you have to work to build up your gear with our lower to mid rate drop rates. We aim the classic feeling gameplay that means there is absolutely no pay-to-win on cRO and there never will be.

Basic Information

Server Rates Other Info
Base/Job EXP Rates: 100x Max Level: 99/70
Normal Item/Card Drop Rates: 50x (Unique) Max Stats: 99
Boss Item/Card Drop Rates: 5x Instantcast: 150 DEX
MVP Item/Card Drop Rates: 5x Max ASPD: 190
    Other: Pre-Renewal (NO 3rd Job)
    Security: Gepard Shield 3.0

Player Commands

@commands @rates @refresh @autotrade @exp @noask @pettalk @duel @invite @accept @reject @leave @autoloottype @alootid @noks @time @channel @showexp @whereis @whodrops @hominfo @request @autoloot @homstats @mobinfo

Server Features

Pre-Renewal: Have Rebirth/Trans Classes
Healer/Buff NPC Skill/Stats Resetter Card Remover
Job Changer Platinum Skill NPC Identify All
Custom Warper Rent Cart/Falcon/Peco Basic Tools Dealer
Auto Event Novice Custom Shop Coin Changer/Shop
Freebies NPC Client Side Security  

Features That Will Excite You!

MID-RATES: We provides an exciting and challenging twist to keep the adventure going on our 100/100/10 server rates!
REWARD SYSTEM: Our Reward System provides all players the the chance to become heroes.
FREE TO PLAY: ClassiqueRO is free to play! With no subscription fees or other costs, you're free to explore the ragnarok world.
NO PAY TO WIN: This is play to win server. All custom item and costume without any effect or additional effect.




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