In-Game Rules

Do not perform or involved with any of the following:


1. Kill Stealing
Kill stealing is the attack of a monster which is already in combat with another character.

2. Skill Abuse
Do not spam skills on town maps. Skill abuse is the act of using a skill in an inconvenient way for other players, ex: Kyrie Elision to remove Asumptio from a player, casting Ice Wall to block a player, etc..

3. Insults / Fool Language
Vulgarity, discrimination, harassment, insults againts or around players including character, party, guild names and logo.

4. Fraud / Scam / Trade Abuse
Any fraudulent behaviour in commercial exchange in general is forbidden.
ex: Misleading shop name or selling an item or a service and retracting/disconnecting before the deal is complete for both players.

5. Dead Branch and Bloody Dead Branch Party
Summoning monsters through the use of Dead Branch and Bloody Dead Branch can be made anywhere except for Town, Guild Base, Quest Map and Dungeon.

6. MVP Support
MVP monsters are considered to be “Free for All”: any player can join the battle at anytime, however MVP Support (Healing / Buffing the MVP, casting Safety Wall or Ice Wall to block the other attackers, etc..) is forbidden.

7. Spamming
Repeatedly emitting the same line(s) of text whether it's consistent or not (chatting or buying/selling/trading), and/or skill consecutively.

8. Illegal Chatting/Vending
Chat Rooms and Vending Shops have to be placed within their designated areas. Chat rooms shouldn't block the view of surrounding NPCs and have to be created off the sidewalks. Use proper shop name. Player who failed to follow these rules will be punished.

9. Server Advertisement
Advertising another Ragnarok Online (or any other MMORPG) server or mentioning the name of another server to lure players to the said location.

10. Begging
Asking or PMing a player/GM multiple times for items, zeny or assistance is considered as begging and is prohibited.


Your account will be banned if the same mistake is repeated:
- 1 week ban for the first time.
- 2 weeks ban for the second time.
- a month ban for the third time.
- Permanent ban if keeps repeating.


Entries here are subject to change without prior notice.

- Your ClassiqueRO Admin -



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