GM Team

ClassiqueRO (cRO) Gamemaster staff is here to assist you and deliver the best gaming experience possible!


GM Pixie GM Aghanim
Administrator, Developer Administrator
"I'm here to assist you and deliver the best gaming experience. Wish you happy gaming!"
"Hope you enjoy your stay here!"



Staff Relations

- Gamemasters will never ask for your items or password anywhere. That includes in-game, on Discord, social media or the forum.
- Gamemasters will never give away any zeny, items, leech or tank players.
- Respect all Gamemasters, this includes not using offensive language or discriminating against a member of staff. We're here to help, as such we expect to be treated with the same level of respect we give to players.
- Do not spam messages to Gamemasters or persist on a support related matter. We receive a large quantity of reports/tickets daily and do our best to answer them within a sufficient timeframe.
- Do not ask to be a Gamemaster. We periodically open up staff recruitment throughout the year and will announce whenever we are hiring on our forum.
- Gamemasters reserve the right to ban or mute you for rule violations without warning.

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